Footy Pajamas was founded more than five years ago when I went looking for footies for my 14 month-old daughter. She would kick her blankets off at night and her feet would get cold in pajamas without feet. We tried socks, but she liked to pull them off. Footies seemed like the only solution. But, she was tall for her age, so we needed PJs that were on the large size. I looked at all of the usual outlets, with little success. Most stores don't carry footies for big babies, toddlers or kids and those that we did find were either too warm, or poorly constructed. Then I went on a serious hunt for good, soft, cotton footies for older babies and toddlers and Footy Pajamas was born.

Since our founding in late 2004, we've also learned that big kids and adults love footies too. We now offer 100% cotton, flannel and micro-fleece fleece footed pajamas for adults and in late September of 2010, we'll be adding more big kids sizes in 100% cotton!

I hope you enjoy shopping with Footy Pajamas LLC. And, if you have any suggestions for us, please feel free to email me directly at

Thanks, Kim