Size Charts

Shopping for clothing online can be a frustrating experience as manufacturers size products so differently. And, footy pajamas are no different. Some of our manufacturers have provided sizing information based on weight, while others have provided length/height measurements. We've provided guidelines to help customers make the right sizing decisions. However, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email us at We promise to answer your question quickly, in most cases within an hour.

And, if it doesn't fit, send it back and we'll pay the postage to send you the right size.

Big Feet


Size Height (ft)/(cm) Weight (lbs)/(kgs)

XS Up to 5'3"/160 cms Up to 130 lbs/59 kgs
SM Up to 5'6"/168 cms Up to 150 lbs/68 kgs
M Up to 5'9"/175 cms Up to 180 lbs/82 kgs
L Up to 6'0"/183 cms Up to 210 lbs/96 kgs
XL Up to 6'4"/195 cms Up to 240 lbs/110 kgs

Note: If you fall in between sizes, the size you choose should be dependant on the activity that you are using the pajamas for. If you just want to wear them around the house, to a pajama party or costume event, you will probably want to opt for the smaller of the two sizes.


Important Note: Length measurements are from ****shoulder to heel****. Unless your child is unusually heavy, we recommend that you use the length rather than the weight guidelines in selecting the correct size.

Size Weight Length
XS 38-43 pounds 39.5
SM 44-52 pounds 41.5"
M 53-69 pounds 48"
L 70-95 pounds 55"

Snug as a Bug

Size Height (in) Weight (lbs)

1-2 years 30-36 25-32
2-3 years 36-38 32-36
3-4 years 38-42 36-42
4-6 years 42-48 42-50
6-8 years 48-52 50-62
8-10 years 52-56 62-75
10-12 years 56-59 75-85
12-14 years 59-62 85-100

Note: If you intend that your child sleep in these pajamas and she or he is on the top end of the size chart for height in a particular size, we recommend that you move to the next higher size (for example, if your child is 52 inches tall, we recommend that you purchase size 8-10 rather than 6-8). To be comfortable, footy feet should be a little roomy. Choosing the smaller size will often lead to scrunched toes and an unhappy child. Better to have a baggy fit than tight pjs.


The Skivvydoodles two-piece pajamas run true to size. However, the footy pajamas for TODDLERS AND KIDS are both long and roomy. If you have a smaller child, we recommend that you purchase one size smaller than you normally would. The baby sizes run pretty true to size, but again, are not usually considered to be small.

Also, when buying footy pajamas, keep in mind that children usually outgrow the feet first. So, if you have a child with large feet, take that into consideration when making a sizing decision.

The following measurements are for footy pajamas (NOT TWO-PIECE PJs) from ***shoulder to heel***. For the best fit, measure your child and then compare those measurements with the chart. Keep in mind that Skivvydoodles will shrink from 1/4-1/2 inch after the first couple of washings.

Size Length
12M 23 1/4 inches
18M 25 inches
24M 27 1/2 inches
2T 30 inches
3T 32 1/4 inches
4T 35 1/2 inches
5 37 1/2 inches
6 40 inches
7 42 1/2 inches
8 47 inches
10 51 inches
12 55 inches

L'Agneau D'Or

L'Agneau D'Or nightgowns run fairly true to size, if slightly on the small size.

Under the Nile

The following charts comes to us directly from Under the Nile and are measurements from head to toe.

Age Length
3 Months 27 Inches
6 Months 29 Inches
9 Months 31 Inches
12 Months 34 Inches
18 Months 36 Inches
24 Months 38 Inches

Under the Nile Baby Body Sizes

Size Weight
Newborn 20-22 inches
1-3 months 24-27 inches
6-9 months 29-32 inches
12-18 months 34-36 inches
24 months 38-41 inches

Under the Nile Kids Sizes

Size Height
2-4 years 41-46 inches
4-6 years 46-50 inches
6-8 years 50-55 inches


The following size chart comes to us from Zutano:

0-6M up to 24 in up to 16 lbs

6-12M 25"-29" 16-20 lbs

12-18M 30"-32" 20-24 lbs

18-24M 33"-35" 24-28

Again, if you have any questions about sizing, please don't hesitate to contact us at

All the best, Kim